Friday, October 16, 2009


Sorry I've been MIA... School and work and life took over.

I'll soon be posting pics of:
  • a mini chicken pot pie I made with my (free!) mini-pie maker
  • apple chips
  • homemade Halloween cookies - sugar cookies, chocolate sugar cookies, pumpkin cookies
  • mini zucchini loaves
I'll be making another trip or two to the farmer's markets in the area to stock up on some stuff so I'll have yummy produce pics as well :) My dear brother is even coming with me to the market under I-83 with me!! I'll take pics while I'm there because it's so awesome.

Also my BFF Erin's birthday was on Tuesday so I'm going to try to drive up to PA to visit her and bring her some baked goodies ^_^

Check out Kristen's dry soup mixes! They sound delicious :) I'll be putting some of them together.

Oh and I have homework to do LOL!

Soooo much to do!!


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