Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome back :)

Hi everyone!
Sooooo much has happened in the last few months - im just starting to catch my breath!  We bought a house on July 1st, got the keys and started cleaning/priming/painting/moving on July 24th and got married on July 28th!  We survived an earthquake, a hurricane and (after the hurricane put 2 inches of water in our basement) a few more days of monsoon-like rains.... It has been a LONG few weeks but we are ok :)

Yesterday, we finished cleaning out the apartment and finally turned in the keys :)  The new house has furniture and too much junk in it already!  I finally have a big kitchen with an island and an official craft room!! And we also have a little gym in the basement with a recumbent bike, treadmill, bench press / squat area and free weights.  Time for me to get into shape :)

I decided to change my blog around a bit.  I'm hoping to focus more on cooking AND crafting.  Also check out my Zibbet store full of handmade little bits of awesomeness :)  (click the pic on the right of this post anytime) I hope everyone will enjoy the transition :)

Thanks for coming over!!


SonyaAnn said...

Smart alec comment number 1!!!!

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