Friday, September 4, 2009

Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer

I absolutely LOVE my latest kitchen gadget. This apple peeler is such a great deal for $20 off of Amazon. The suction cup at the bottom holds it onto the counter very nicely and I can move it around in my tiny kitchen which is great. Also the fact that it peels, cores, and slices the apples in one movement is outstanding.

I'm totally going to go apple picking this month. I'm planning on making apple sauce, apple jelly (from the peels and cores) and maybe apple butter :) This little baby will peel, core, and slice in about 20 seconds or less. I can wait to go apple picking ^_^


Taryn said...

whoa! that is freaking awesome.

SnoWhite said...

I LOVE mine too. Seriously - one of the best gadgets. Ever.

Lori said...

Oooh, oooh, oooh, I have one exactly like this! I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but it won't be long!!! :) I can't wait!

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