Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

I made out like a bandit at the latest yard sale! Here's what I got:

apple peeler/corer/slicer - new (yes I got another one!): $2
heavy duty metal mini-loaf pan - new: $2
pretty red basket for my freshly picked apples - 50 cents (was technically free but I gave the Boy Scouts 50 cents for it)
grater: $1.25
mortar and pestle - new: $3
3pc. stainless steel bowl set with lids (from Woolworths!!) - new: $2
crab pot/water bath canner with canning rack - $5
metal apple crusher/strainer thingy with wooden stick thing - $3 (someone please tell me what the actual name for this thing is lol!)
giant pink purse - new: $8 (waited till the end of the day - down from $24 ^_^)

Stuff I got for free from my BF's mom that was trying to get clean out the garage:
2 pasta cookers - free!
2 Penn State glasses - free!
pretty little tin with apples and pears on it - free!
2 canning jar type mugs - free!
5 quart stock pot - free!
pretty crackled glass candle holder (not pictured - forgot it in the car) - free!

Total Spent: $26.75 :)

I'm bushed..... resting up for apple picking tomorrow ^_^


Lucy Marie said...

Wow! Those are some amazing deals. I'm jealous!

A.Marie said...

Hi there!

In answer to your question about the apple-thingy, what you have is an old-fashioned colander with pestle.

If you are making applesauce, cut your apples up and cook them until soft (on the stove or microwave).

Place the colander so that the sauce will run down the sides into a large bowl or pan. Ladle the cooked apples (use a little of the cooking water if you want runny sauce, or no water if you like it thick) into the colander and with the pestle, you start stirring and mashing the apples. The sauce will come out of the holes around the outside of the colander.

You continue stirring until all of the cooked apple is out of the peel. You can run a spatula down the sides every so often; that way, the sauce won't clog up the holes. It can be labor-intensive, but for small batches, it can be a fun thing to do!

My Grandma used one, then she handed it down to my Mom, and she handed it down to me!

A.Marie said...

Also forgot to mention that you can use this with cooked tomatoes, also, for works great! :)

Taryn said...

OMG- I am so so so jealous! I need that water bath canner and an apple peeler thingy and everything else! Good work chica. You have inspired me to go out looking again next weekend for some more deals!

Annie Jones said...

Great buys!

The apple colander with pestle is sometimes called a food mill. Although there are other types of food mills, too. :)

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